This article is all about NO (Nitric Oxide) which helps your arteries and veins to relax, improving the blood flow to your most precious parts of the body like brain and genitals. In this article you’ll find 6 very easy natural ways to boost your nitric oxide levels naturally with ease.

1. Nitrate Rich Foods

Certain foods like spinach and kale are foods containing high amounts of natural nitrates. The action path of natural nitrates can be found below.

when you consume a nitrate rich food, immediately at your mouth, the bacteria of your tongue will convert those nitrates to nitritine, after the nitritine travels down to your gut the bacteria located there will convert it to nitric oxide.

2. Pycnogenol

French maritime pine’s bark holds in it this wonderful substance called Pycnogenol. It’s been proven by dozens of studies to improve blood flow and NO production.

No other type of pine has been proven to contain this substance, so if you are supplementing with Pycnogenol make sure that it comes from the French pine bark.

3. Sunlight

Clinical studies have proven that direct sun rays to the skin will instantly jump start the natural production of this wonderful molecule.


Quercetin is a natural substance found in onions and parsley for example. It increases nitric oxide production by blocking the activity of certain vaso-constrictors in the body.

5. Piccetannol

Piccetannol is a natural substance found in the skin of grapes, it’s derived from reservatrol and according to the latest research, it’s very well capable of increasing testosterone levels, along with nitric oxide in the body. If you are not interested in consuming pounds of grapes you can easily purchase Piccetanol as a supplement.

6. Ginseng

One of the best herbal supplements for your NO levels is the Korean red Ginseng. It even has a successful erectile dysfunction study at its belt along with thousands of happy user reviews shattered all around the web.


So by those 6 ways you can see how easy it actually is to boost your nitric oxide levels naturally. In fact there are hundreds of different natural approaches to boost this wonderful molecule. Now that you know this there is absolutely no reason to ever buy any supplements that those phony bodybuilding supplement firms so actively try to market.

The natural way is the best way; listen to your own body, and the benefits will follow.

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