Boiled potatoes can be used to make interesting Indian meals.


  • Boiled potatoes are healthier as their starch is removed.
  • You can make a number of Indian dishes with boiled potatoes.
  • Here are some Indian aloo recipes you must try.

Can you imagine going a week without having aloo? Not if you live in India. Potatoes are a must-have vegetable in our kitchens and almost a mandatory food for Indian platter. The whole-sole reason behind the immense popularity of potatoes is its versatility. Aloo can be made into infinite dishes and we are still talking about Indian cuisine only. We all love aloo but the only thing that may stop us from having it every other day is its high-starch content. Not letting that too come in our way of our love for it, we can continue to gorge on potatoes by boiling them first. Yes, boiled potatoes are pegged to be much healthier with their starch removed and drained with the water they are boiled in.

If you too want to welcome back potatoes in your everyday diet, we have some evergreen but still- amazing Indian recipes for you to try with boiled potatoes.

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Here Are 7 Boiled Potatoes (Aloo) Indian Dishes That One Must Try:

1. Aloo Rasedaar

The classic aloo sabzi of potatoes dunked in a flavourful gravy gets a ‘healthy’ makeover with boiled potatoes. Soft and mushy potatoes cooked with a host of common spices, aloo rasedar is your ideal ‘desi‘ dish.

View Full Recipe Here.

Potato gravy is a popular Indian dish. 

2. Sookhe Aloo

Another popular Indian aloo sabzi – this one without gravy – is just as delicious. Crushed potatoes are roasted along with spices like fennel seeds, coriander seeds, cardamom, ginger and cumin. This sookhe aloo sabzi is an absolute delight.

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3. Dahi Aloo

Want your potatoes with a touch of tanginess? This dahi aloo recipe is the best pick. Boiled potatoes are cooked in tomato puree mixed with some curd and a lot of spices.

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4. Achaari Aloo

True Indian flavours make this aloo dish a must-try. A myriad of flavours from achaar masala, vinegar, some sugar, and spices like mustard seeds and kalonji make regular boiled potatoes nothing like you’ve tasted before.

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5. Vrat Wale Aloo

This one is a must-have in fasting diets, especially during Navratras as potatoes are filling and provide a good amount of energy. It’s a simple dish but will please your appetite just fine.

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6. Aloo Ki Chaat

When we talked about the versatility of potatoes, snacks were right there in our mind. Aloo ki chaat is a signature street food of India and you can never go wrong with it.

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7. Aloo Ki Tikki

We know you were waiting for this. Aloo ki tikki still wins our heart even though we must have had it a million times. This recipe will tell you how to make spicy aloo tikki that is not deep-fried but pan-fried.

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Aloo tikki is one of the most common Indian snacks. 

So, get down to boiling your favourite potatoes and enjoy these hit Indian aloo dishes without any guilt.

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