Weight Loss: This simple and quick juice recipe can work wonders for your health.


  • Pineapple and orange both have Vitamin C which is good for immunity
  • Bottle gourd and cucumber make this juice excellent for weight loss
  • Try this simple and healthy recipe which is ready in minutes

Weight loss and staying fit (and healthy) is a constant goal that everyone strives towards. There are so many products, diets and health tips that we encounter every day that can accompany us on our fitness journey. We often hear nutritionists and experts say that weight loss isn’t just a one day process, but a lifestyle that builds over time. Thus, it is important to incorporate various healthy recipes that can be part of our daily diet and help us on our quest to lose weight. Loaded with essential minerals and nutrition, this pineapple, orange and bottle gourd juice is an ideal recipe for weight loss.

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Pineapple and orange is a great combination for weight loss and immunity. 

Fruits and vegetable juices have been known to work wonders for overall health. They are densely loaded with essential vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants. Both pineapple and orange are great sources of Vitamin C, which is known to help boost immunity. The humble pineapple also aids digestive processes and thus contributes to the weight loss process. Addition of cucumber and bottle gourd in this recipe makes it even healthier as both low-calorie vegetables contain significant amounts of water and fibre, which keeps you full for longer.

This easy weight loss juice recipe requires a cup each of diced pineapple, orange, bottle gourd and cucumber. Curry leaves and basil leaves are used to provide an extra flavourful taste. Click here for the full step-by-step recipe of the pineapple, orange and bottle sour juice.

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