Paratha Recipe: Make achaar-stuffed paratha for easy breakfast.


  • Paratha is a common breakfast food usually paired with pickle.
  • Make achaar-stuffed paratha to eat on the go.
  • Here is an easy recipe to help you make it at home.

What does a paratha go best with? The answer is easy – pickle; for that matter, any pickle works. Mango pickle, lemon pickle, mixed veg pickle, carrot pickle – they all fit in as the perfect side dish, which is really the only thing you need to make your paratha taste better. In fact, the paratha may be made with any stuffing – paneer, aloo, pyaz etc. and you can always pair it with one of the pickles from the various pickle jars lining your kitchen cabinet. But what if we help you save the effort of filling up your parathas only to be enjoyed with your favourite pickle in the end?

Pick up the pickle and simply stuff your paratha with it. You have everything you need in that paratha, which you can just pick up, roll and eat on the go. That’s right. Not all of us can afford the luxury of a sit-down breakfast with plenty of time. The day starts with millions of thing-to-do lined up for us, leaving not much time to cook a lavish breakfast, let alone enjoy it. Save yourself some time by making achaar ka paratha and enjoy your favourite morning meal just the way you like it.

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aam ka achaar or mango pickle

Mango Pickle or Aam Ka Achaar is used to make this paratha. 

Why Is Achaar-Stuffed Paratha A Better Option?

  • Saves time to make separate stuffing for paratha.
  • You can carry it and eat on the go.
  • It’s easier to pack for lunch.
  • It’s easier for kids to eat.

Achaar Ka Paratha Recipe –

This achaar ka paratha is made with our favourite mango pickle. Roll a roti, spread the achaar masala all over the roti. You can add green chillies for extra spiciness; avoid if you are making it for kids. And, that’s it. Close the sides of the roti and roll it again to make achaar ka paratha with some ghee.

Here’s the step-by-step recipe of achaar ka paratha.

This achaar ka paratha is spicy, chatpata and incredibly tasty. You don’t need to add salt or other spices as the achaar masala already has everything. If eating at home, you can serve this paratha with curd or raita for a fulfilling meal. Do try this easy paratha recipe at home.

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