• Ragi is enriched with several health benefiting properties
  • Maize or makki is rich in protein, making it popular choice among people
  • Gur ki roti is made with atta, jaggery, baking soda, ghee, milk etc

Let’s face it, we just cannot imagine a day without roti! Roti is a staple in Indian food culture. Also termed as Indian flatbread, it is normally eaten with sabzis and curries. However, if you explore the regional cuisines of the country, you will find each having their own special types of rotis, using locally grown/available grains. Although atta (wheat flour) roti is the most popular one across India, grains like makai (maize), ragi, millet etc are also widely used to prepare different types of rotis.

Here We Bring You 4 Types Of Rotis Made With 4 Most Popular Flours Across India:

Ragi Roti: This roti, made with popular ancient grain ragi, is a known breakfast dish in the South Indian cuisine. However, the health benefitting properties of this grain has made the roti a popular choice among health conscious people nation-wide. Click here for a healthy ragi roti recipe.

Makki Ki Roti: This roti needs no separate introduction. Made with maize flour, this roti is a staple among Punjabis in their winter thali, along with sarson ka saag. It is also widely consumed by people of different other regions due to the flour’s high protein content. Click here for an authentic makki ki roti and sarson ka saag recipe.

Khameeri Roti: This soft and chewy leavened bread is a must for people who drool over Mughlai cuisine. This maida-based roti is made in tandoor and melts our heart when paired with korma or haleem. Click here for the recipe.

Gur Ki Roti: A North Indian delicacy, this roti is made with atta, jaggery, baking soda, ghee, milk and a pinch of salt. This wholesome dish can also be termed as a ‘desi’ version of pancakes. Click here for a quick and easy recipe.

Try these recipes at home and let us know how you like it!

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