• Baking takes patience and practice to perfect.
  • If you are still not getting it right, you might be making some mistakes.
  • Here are some commonly-made baking mistakes you should know.

Have you recently started taking interest in baking? But, you tried and tried and still can’t make the perfect cake or brownies like you get in your favourite bakeries? Don’t worry, there are many people struggling with the same disappointment. It’s no reason to get disheartened and giving up. Find out what went wrong, and once, you’ll do, strike back again till you master the art of baking. One thing you should remember is to pick the right ingredients for the kind of recipe you are trying. If you are doing that right too, you might not be using your ingredients in the right amount.

Baking is not easy, but it is not too difficult either. There are some basics every novice baker should keep in mind, including the amount of ingredients being used. Most often, we end up using too much of some ingredients thinking they will make our cake turn out to better, but instead, what we get is a sloppy, fudgy, crumbly ‘something’. Following are some common mistakes of overusing ingredients that many people make. Go through them and make your notes for your future baking endeavour.


It’s important to use all the baking ingredients in the right quantity. 

Baking Mistakes – Don’t Use To Much Of These Foods:

1. Too Much Butter

Butter makes the cake taste great and buttery, but too much of it will end up making it too moist it and it will topple. Yes, that’s right; and the same logic goes for oil too. So, be mindful of how much of fat you are putting in your cake.

2. Too Much Flour

If you are putting more flour than needed while baking, the wet ingredients won’t be able to absorb all of the flour and it will leave your cake or brownie dry and dense.

3. Too Much Cocoa Powder

You love chocolate desserts, we get it. But don’t let your love over-pour cocoa powder in the batter in the hope of making your cake more chocolate-y. In fact, you’ll end up making it taste powdery.

4. Too Many Eggs

All baking recipes use only a couple of eggs, not more than that. Unless you like your cake tasting eggy and feeling rubbery, please go easy on the number of eggs you are putting.

5. Too Much Vanilla

Vanilla extract is added to bring in the sweet flavour of vanilla, but too much of it will actually make your cake taste bitter! Remember this.

Next time you get down to testing your baking skills, remember all the above-mentioned tips and hope you’ll finally get it right this time.

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