Almost everyone can relate to that satisfaction of indulging in a tub of ice-cream when they are in a stressed situation. Yes, people often find comfort in high-fat or high-sugar food during their moment of anxiety. As per experts, brain releases some chemicals when a person is in stress that leads to the craving for these kinds of foods. It is further stated that people also tend to eat a lot when they are under pressure or any kind of trauma. But these eating habits during stress do no good to our health. Experts say that these high-fat foods lead to obesity, heart-related issues and several other problems.

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Here Is A List Of Foods One Should Avoid When Stressed:

1. Caffeine: A coffee shot is often associated with instant energy boost, enhancing productivity of a person. But as per experts excessive caffeine intake may have an opposite effect and can further intensify the feelings of stress and anxiety.

2. Alcohol: There is a common notion among people that a glass of alcohol can take away all the worries from life. But several studies found that alcohol is a form of depressant (doesn’t boost your mood) and interrupts sleeping patterns.

3. Sugary foods: When in stress, people first reach out to consume something sweet. But it is said that instead of doing any good, sugar may increase cortisol – a hormone that can cause sleep issues and a decreased immune response.

4. Processed carbs: No one can deny that fact that junk foods and processed carbs have no nutritional value. They may lead to fluctuation of blood sugar levels, which can further increase tiredness and irritation in a person.

Instead of these foods, experts suggest consumption of oats, yogurt, coconut, banana and other such foods, which may help you to beat stress. Eat well and stay healthy!

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