The lockdown coaxed a lot of us to enter the kitchen and try our hands at cooking. Needless to say, not all attempts were a success, but the ones that were, surely did wonders for our confidence in  kitchen. So now that you have developed a knack how many of the viral recipes did you try in this lockdown? Was the coffee lover in you intrigued by the dreamy-looking Dalgona coffee, or were you so desperate to have cake that you finally gave in to the trend of mug cakes?

Here are a few food trends that took the internet by storm in the last couple of days. And there, we saw you slurping!

1. Dalgona Coffee

As soon as the Korean trend of Dalgona coffee went viral, it seemed like almost everyone on the internet had a new task at hand. Whip your coffee so light that it floats atop your glass of milk. The picturesque beverage also sparked a debate among Indian netizens, many of whom argued that there was nothing quite novel about the trend. What is your take on the trend? Did you try making Dalgona coffee at home? Don’t forget to send us pictures.

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2. Banana Bread

What do you do when you are barred from visiting your favourite bakery? You start baking yourself. A lot of people woke up to the idea of baking during lockdown and figured just how easy it is to bake banana bread at home. If you missed out on the trend, here is a recipe that will help you catch up.

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3. Pancake Cereal

 Is it a bunch of mini pancakes, is it a cereal. Well it is a bit of both and an absolute stunner, going by the pictures on Instagram. All you need to do is fill pancake batter in a bottle with a nozzle, squeeze out mini pancakes on a pan, fry them evenly. Serve in a bowl with maple syrup, fruits or any dressing of your choice, grab a fork and devour.

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4. Mug Cake

 The trend of mug cake also saw many takers, simply because it was an easy-peasy way to satiate those cake cravings. Wondering what are we talking about? Try this recipe and we bet you would be a fan too! A moist and spongy cake that too in a mug, we don’t see anyone having a problem with that.


5. Maggi Omelete

By now we are sure you have prepared your instant noodles in a variety of ways, but have you tried this fusion of two of our most favourite comfort food of all time? That’s right, Maggie omelette won the internet for its flavour, unique texture and simple preparation. You can read more about it here.

Don’t forget to tell us about the trends that touched a chord with you; or better still, a trend that you would like to take over the internet.

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