Did You Know Flat Spots In Ice Trays Help In Easy Refilling? See Viral Video On TikTok

This TikTok user’s hack to refill an ice tray easily is winning the internet.


  • Ice trays can be easily refilled with this hack which avoids spillage too
  • TikTok user share the video, and it went viral 4.5 million views
  • Take a look at this easy hack to refill ice trays

There’s nothing like a good chilled drink in summer, and the perfect way to make it even more delicious is with some ice. Our favourite drinks become a whole new level of refreshing by simply adding some ice cubes. While ice cubes are much-needed in the hot summer months, preparing them is another task altogether. Ice trays need to be refilled repeatedly and put in the freezer, even more frequently so in the sweltering heat. If you too love to freeze ice cubes and are wondering how to do it easily and quickly without hassle, a TikTok user has just the hack for you. This hack involves no additional equipment. In fact, it utilises a feature that is inbuilt in every ice tray already lying at home but you probably wouldn’t have noticed it till today. Take a look:


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The hack was shared by a TikTok user who goes by the name ‘brittnaenae’ on the video-sharing application. She revealed in the video that the flat spots in between the ice cube moulds are actually meant to even out the flow of water. Thus, if you pour in water directly onto the flat spot, the water is distributed evenly between four separate ice cube moulds. This helps in refilling the ice tray faster and without much wastage of water.

This wonderful tactic to refill an ice tray made social media go gaga, with the video going viral on TikTok. The user’s video garnered over 4.5 million views and over 450k likes on the video-sharing application. People appreciated the easy hack which made life so much easier through a simple insight of a feature that ice cube trays already have. Further, this insight makes water go directly into the ice tray without spillage or water going in all directions.

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