Wine Cooler Sizes: Which Is Right for You?

Users of a wine fridge may have a hard time choosing the one that suits their needs and the space they have in their house. Wine refrigerators are made to come in different designs, from the panel-ready ones mirrored to stainless steel styles. 

Even though you may want a particular wine cooler, you have to make sure that the size and style will suit the space you have in your home. Buying a wine that does not fit into your home or gets in the way only means your time and resources were wasted. 

Here are the different wine cooler sizes and how you can choose the one that suits you. 

  1. Extra small coolers:

An extra small cooler is far from being a full-height wine cooler, and it can generally house six to 30 bottles of wine. However, each company has its category of extra small wine coolers. Some of them classify only 4 to 20 capacity wine coolers as extra small, while others can classify 6 to 50 capacity wine coolers as extra small. 

You should get this wine cooler if you have very limited space in your home, as it can fit into the undercounter and in any cabinet. Some of them are not built-in but rather freestanding. 

  1. Small coolers:

This category of wine cooler ranges from 15 inches to 22 inches. This category’s measurements may differ, too, depending on the company. This refrigerator size can still fit under some counters and cabinets at home. 

Some of them are built to stand on their own. They can store from 30 to 70 wine bottles depending on the company. 

  1. Medium to large wine coolers:

Medium and large wine coolers can range from 24 inches to 34 inches. They visually have a bottle capacity of 70 to over 100 bottles depending on the company’s classification. If you have a space in your house that can fit a dishwasher, then know that you can also fit medium and large wine coolers. 

  1. Extra-large wine coolers:

Just as the name suggests, this wine cooler is mainly for those that know they have enough space in their house as it can take up to six feet in width. They are over 34 inches wide coolers that can house from 150 to over 300 bottles of wine. 

They usually have all the features you can think of in a house cooler. This type of wine cooler is for those that have the space of a room available to keep a wine fridge. 

How To Pick The Right One 

The major thing that determines the wine cooler you choose is the space available for it. If you have the space of a counter or a cabinet, you can install an extra small and small cooler. 

When you have the space of a dishwasher, you can install medium to large-sized coolers. And finally, when you have the space of a room, you can install extra-large coolers. 


Choosing the right wine cooler might be hard because, despite the fact we might want the biggest wine coolers, you have to consider the available space in your home. Extra small coolers, small coolers, medium to large coolers and extra-large coolers are some of the classifications of sizes. 

By Papa