• Eggless vanilla cake makes for a great pair with tea
  • It can be made with a few simple ingredients
  • Try this delicious recipe at home for amazing results

Baking a cake is quite an easy process, all you need is a little bit of patience and dedication to follow through the recipe correctly. Cake also makes for a great dessert that we can gobble upon any time of the day, including tea time. Tea cakes are a vast genre of cakes in themselves and there are a number of recipes for cakes that are made exclusively for tea-time. Vanilla cake is one quintessential tea cake recipe which is surprisingly easy to bake.

This vanilla cake recipe is super soft and simply melts-in-the-mouth when you take the first bite. It is an eggless recipe as well, as it uses a little bit of milk and vinegar which gives the cake a fluffy effect. It is important to add the milk in two portions in order to give the batter a thick and rich consistency. The eggless vanilla cake can be baked and prepared all in less than an hour, making it your go-to recipe for when you want to whip up a quick dessert in minutes.

The best part about this eggless vanilla cake recipe is that it is a classic recipe which is a hit across all age groups. The only flavouring the recipe uses is vanilla which gives the vanilla cake its great, classic taste. Further, you can top the eggless vanilla cake with any topping of your choice – be it a decadent chocolate sauce or even some rainbow sprinkles. The batter is also your space to innovate, as you can add some chopped nuts or candy into to make the simple cake a tad more exciting. So, get baking and try this delicious eggless vanilla cake today!

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