Follow these diet tips to manage weight during lockdown.


  • Staying at home all the time may cause binge-eating.
  • Minimal physical activity and hogging is bound to result in weight gain.
  • Here are some tips to avoid overeating and lose weight during lockdown.

While we are physically distancing ourselves from the world, most of us are turning to food for companionship. Lockdown has managed to beget ‘stress eating’, which mostly leads to overeating. Staying at home all the time may cause binge-eating while binge-watching our favourite shows. Minimal physical activity and hogging on anything you lay your hands on, is bound to result in weight gain and none of us wants that. It takes more than self-control to avoid overeating, and we are here to help you.

So, get your act together, pull yourself up and aim to look healthy and fit when you’ll show up next to the world post quarantine.

7 Tips To Avoid Over-Eating And Unhealthy-Eating:

1. Plan Your Meals

Planning and prepping for all the meals (including snacks) for the whole day will prevent unhealthy eating. You may decide to eat healthy foods only, but when hunger strikes like a hurricane, you tend to reach out for anything available and eat more than you should have. So, it’s wise to have healthy meals ready in moderate amount while you are in your sane mind.

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Plan healthy meals in advance. 

2. Don’t Turn Bedroom Into Dining Room

If you bring food in your bedroom, there’s no way you would be able to keep your hands off it. Make it a point to leave your bed every time you have to eat. If nothing else, your laziness would prevent you from overeating!

3. Drink Lots Of Liquids

In this muggy weather, it’s important to stay hydrated for good health, and it will also keep you sated. So drink lots of water and, if possible, also have lots of juices, smoothies and lemonades.

4. Practise Slow Eating

One benefit of lockdown is we have more time in hand. So no more rushed mornings or quick office breaks. You can finally eat your food peacefully, taking your own sweet time. And, what if we tell you that if you chew your food properly and eat slowly, you’ll end up eating less food? It’s definitely worth trying.

5. Follow A Strict Schedule

We know it could be difficult at first but once you frame and start following a schedule with proper meal timings, you’ll see your day being more productive and optimal eating will keep sluggishness at bay. Avoiding excessive calories is another benefit.

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Timing your meals may help weight loss. 

Don’t let lockdown be an excuse for your weight gain. In fact, treat it as an opportunity to regain your fitness level and lose those extra kilos.

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