Raise your hands if an omelette was the first thing you managed to master in your kitchen. And while we are at it, let us also think about all those times you were hungry too cook something super lavish and cooked yourself a quick and comfy omelette instead. There are reasons galore why we love omelette so much. One of the best qualities of the popular breakfast item is the room it offers to experiment. You can add just about everything in your omelette like herbs, vegetable or meat, and it all seems to fit.

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For days when you feel like experimenting with your food, try this cheese and onion omelette. It does not take much time to put together and we love the final texture of cooked onions and cheese together. The blend gives a super nice and creamy appeal to the omelette. Since you are making it at home, you can throw in as much amount of cheese as you want (we personally like oodles and oodles of it). This cheese used in the omelette in parmesan, which has a strong savoury flavour, along with a gritty texture. If you are not a fan of parmesan, you can use processed cheese. There aren’t too many herbs or spices used in this omelette, which allows the cheese and onion to shine through, however, you can go ahead and herbs of your choices too to spruce it up your way.


For days when you feel like experimenting with your food, try this cheese and onion omelette.

To make your omelette fluffier, it is a good idea to whisk your eggs with a teaspoon of milk. It gives your omelette the much-needed lift. It is a good idea to caramelize the onions before you start making the omelette, make sure they don’t turn too brown, this would give a charred taste to your omelette. Heat the appropriate amount of butter when you are making the omelette. Make sure it is heated well, don’t pour the eggs when the butter is sputtering, let the bubbles die down a bit.

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Pour the egg mix and spread it evenly. Add the caramelized onions to it, add some more cheese on top (because, why not?). Now take your spatula, fold one half of the egg over other and serve. Here is the full recipe of cheese onion omelette. Do try and let us know how you liked it.

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