What do you enjoy about the summers? One of the most common answers will surely be the delectable range of fruits the season brings along. One such fruit is jamun. Also known as black plum, this bite-sized dark purple-coloured fruit possesses a unique tart-sweet flavour, which is hard to miss! Although it’s a summer fruit, jamun can be found in abundance during the months of June and July when the season is on a transition phase from summer to monsoon. Other than its unique colour and taste, what makes jamun a popular fruit is its host of health benefiting properties- from weight loss to managing diabetes.

Hence, we bring you a cool and refreshing jamun-based drink that can not only beat the scorching heat, but also be an ideal inclusion in your diet during this season. The addition of mint and lemon to this drink makes it yet more healthy and luscious.

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Jamun is loaded with antioxidants, vitamin C, fibre and various essential nutrients

Health Benefits Of Jamun-Mint Drink:

Jamun is loaded with antioxidants, vitamin C, fibre and various essential nutrients. Its low calorie-content may help in losing some extra kilos. It is also said that the special compounds jamboline and jambosine in jamun helps to slow down the release of sugar in the blood stream. The iron present in this oval-shaped fruit is touted to be helpful for improving the haemoglobin count in the body. Alongside, mint and lemon are also known to be rich in vitamin C and antioxidants which are stated to boost immunity and benefit overall health.

Here’s The Recipe Of Jamun-Mint Drink:


Jamun- 1 bowl

Mint leaves- half cup

Lemon- half

Green chilli- 1

Chaat masala- half teaspoon

Black salt- as per taste

Roasted jeera powder- half teaspoon


Step 1. Deseed the jamun. There are two ways of deseeding jamun – you can either cut the flesh and keep aside or boil the jamun in one cup water and strain the pulp.

Step 2. Take take the jamun flesh/pulp in a juicer, add half lemon juice, green chilli, mint leaves (keep some for garnishing), chaat masala, black salt and jeera powder and blender.

Step 3. If you don’t boil the jamun in ‘step 1’, then add less than half cup water in this stage and blend again. You may also add some ice cubes if you want.

Step 4. Transfer the juice in a glass, garnish with some mint leaves and serve.

Pro-Tip: Do not throw the seeds away. Sun-dry and grind them to powder. Jamun seed powder is considered to have several health benefiting properties. Click here to know how you can include jamun seeds in your diet.

Eat healthy, stay safe!

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