How To Make Baingan Chutney? Celeb Chef Kunal Kapoor Shares The Recipe

There’s no doubt about the fact that we all share a love-hate relationship with baingan. Some baingan-based dishes make us happy, while others turn us off. Whatever it is, baingan (also called brinjal or eggplant) is one of the most common vegetables in an Indian household and you just cannot ignore it. Another reason for baingan’s popularity is its year-round availability. Baingan is also considered to be good for health as it is rich in antioxidants, vitamin C, minerals and more. Bangalore-based nutritionist Dr. Anju Sood states that the benefit of this popular vegetable has never been much talked about.

Keeping all these factors in mind, we bring you a recipe that will not only change your negative feelings about baingan, but also add some nutrients to your body. The dish is called baingan chutney. Mostly consumed in the Southern part of India, baingan chutney is a popular condiment that can be made quickly with some basic ingredients. However, there are several variations of this recipe. Some people use curry leaves or add urad dal, while others use tamarind. There are some people who also use vinegar to bring tang, instead of tamarind. Here we bring the simplest and easiest recipe of baingan chutney – by celebrity chef Kunal Kapoor – that will melt in your mouth in no time. Click here for the recipe.

Here are two points one must keep in mind while preparing this dish:

  • Cut the baingan into small dices and keep them in water till you cook. Pour half teaspoon salt in the water. This will help to stop the eggplants from getting black.
  • If you want to store this chutney, use air tight container.

This chutney is best enjoyed with idli and rice. So if you run out of nariyal chutney or peanut chutney while having idli or vada, consider making this baingan chutney quickly for your meal. Try this at home and let us know your feedback!

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