Fruit jam can be easily made at home.


  • Jam with bread is one of our comfort foods.
  • Mixed fruit jam can be easily made at home.
  • Choose fruits of your choice and make jam with this easy recipe.

Rushing for school, college or office, we have spent almost every morning of our entire life running, and only one food that could be easily jammed in our morning routine is – jam. Bread and jam is the easiest meal we can fix in a jiffy, and even eat-on-the-go. If you have jam at home, you have the benefit of snoozing your alarm for few more minutes and get that blissful sleep, which for some odd reason, comes best when we have to wake up!

Mixed fruit jam is the best of all the jams available, as it contains a medley of sweet flavours from a variety of fruits, and when paired with toasted or plain bread, rounds off our meal perfectly. Not just for breakfast, jam and bread combo can satiate our evening hunger too. For kids, a large dollop of jam splayed on a paratha is one of the best meals. It’s another interesting easy to way to feed them fruits, which they may despise having raw.

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A combination of fruits can be used to make jam. 

Is Homemade Jam Better Than Store-Bought Jam?

So many uses of one single of bottle of jam, yet we don’t put any effort of making it at home. Probably, because it is so easily available in the market, we never thought of even trying making it at home. When you can make preservative-free, healthier jam with fresh fruits and sugar content of your choice and that too easily, then why not make it at home?

All you need is some fruits of your choice, sugar and lemon. It’s unbelievably easy to make mixed fruit jam at home. Advantage – You can pick fresh fruits of your choice, replace sugar with healthier alternative or skip it altogether, and use lemon as a natural preservative. Use can also use vinegar instead of lemon to extend the shelf life of your jam.

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Make fruit jam at home and store in glass container.

Easy Recipe For Fruit Jam –

A combination of common fruits like papaya, apple, banana, mango, strawberries etc. makes a tasty jam. But, if you want some tartness in your jam, you can add fruits like blueberries, plums and oranges, or make jam with summer fruit mausambi. 

We have a very simple and easy recipe to make fruit jam at home. You just have to prep in advance and peel and chop the fruits, and soak them in water overnight before making the jam next day.

Follow this mixed fruit jam recipe and use healthier, homemade jam for your quick, comfort meals.

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