Eggs aren’t just high in protein but super versatile too.


  • Eggs are super versatile and are used in countless dishes
  • However we are often out of interesting options in snacks
  • Stuffed egg is a unique recipe to try at home

Eggs are one of the most versatile foods around. Don’t you agree? Be it a quick lunch, dinner, breakfast or even a snack, you know you are sorted if you have a couple of eggs in the kitchen. From fluffy omelettes and sunny side up, to rich egg curry and to quick fried rice, eggs can be cooked in as many ways as one can imagine. And not to forget the high protein content just make them all the more popular!

When we speak of snacks made with egg, we are often left with just some boiled eggs, devilled eggs, egg salads or egg sandwiches. But having them every time can get monotonous! And since egg is such a versatile food, don’t you think we can make a lot of interesting dishes out of it to savour for snacks and even breakfast? Picture some egg kebabs or a street-style egg tikki?

Taking cue from the Indian-style stuffed tikkis, we’ve got a tantalising recipe of stuffed egg that one can prepare at home. With a myriad of spices tossed inside, stuffed eggs can be an absolute crowd-puller. And if nothing else, this easy recipe is perfect to pair with a cup of masala chai in the evenings. With monsoons right around the corner, this seems like the perfect treat!

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Stuffed Egg Recipe:

Stuffed egg is a yummy mix of whole spices, herbs and seeds including pepper, star anise, mace and bay leaves along with ginger-garlic, onion and tomatoes that makes for the stuffing. Beaten curd is added to the mixture to make it thick along with tamarind and lemon juice lending a little tang. This mix is carefully stuffed inside a boiled egg from one end, coated in a batter of flours and deep-fried to perfect crisp.

Find the full recipe of stuffed egg here.

A mouth-watering mix of spices, stuffed egg make for an interesting snack to savour with family and friends. It may not need an accompaniment but some mayonnaise along with it can be a suitable option.

Try it at home and let us know your experience in the comments section below.

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