Boost your immunity with these summer foods.


  • It is important to maintain good immunity to stay healthy this summer.
  • There are many seasonal foods that may help build your immunity.
  • Include these refreshing, immunity-boosting foods in your diet.

The whole world woke up to the need of having a good immunity, which may not have crossed our minds earlier, but in the wake of Coronavirus scare, it did. A good immunity helps stay us in good shape, which may prove beneficial in preventing and managing various infections, flus and diseases. The seasonal produce of summer abounds with many foods that may play a significant role in building or strengthening our immune system. The intense heatwave that has hit our country is not really helping with our diet either. With lowered appetite and digestive issues we might struggle with in this weather, it is best to have light, soothing summer-friendly foods that may also help improve our immunity.

We have listed some commonly-found and regularly-used summer foods that may also be great for our immunity. If you didn’t know about these foods earlier, take note, and add them to your daily summer diet.

Summer Diet For Good Immunity –

Orange And Lemons

These vitamin C-rich foods are essential to consume right now. Apart from their high vitamin C content, which is a good immunity booster, they are also refreshing, hydrating and cooling. Eat raw orange or juice it. Drink lemon water every day or sprinkle lemon juice on your salad and other meals.

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Vitamin C-rich foods can help build immunity. 

Watermelon And Cucumber

Both watermelon and cucumber are filled of mostly water. Not only they are extremely hydrating and light on stomach, their nutrient composition also helps enhance our immunity level. Bonus: Both watermelon and cucumber are low-cal, weight-loss-friendly foods!


Every time we finish a bowl of cool curd, we feel a wave of freshness rushing through our system. Right? Curd is a cooling food, which is perfect for summer; and its probiotic content helps keep digestive issues at bay. You may already know all of this but what you may not know is that curd is fortified with vitamin D, which also helps keep our immunity system running smoothly.


Yes, our favourite summer fruit may also improve our immunity. Vitamin A is essential for healthy immune system, and mangoes contain it in spades. Now we have another reason to gobble up this sweet delicious fruit throughout the season.

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Mangoes are rich in vitamin A nutrient. 


We already love how mint lights up our senses with its invigorating aroma and fresh taste. The herb is also rich in antioxidants and anti-inflammatory properties that keep harmful radicals away. Drink mint water daily or regularly add it to your smoothies. You can also make pudina chutney, pudina paratha or simply garnish your meals with fresh pudina leaves.

Stay happy and stay positive this summer with a good immune system to support good health.

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