The growing Coronavirus scare has impacted the lifestyles of people globally. People are suddenly moving towards healthier food options, home-cooked food, and most importantly, immunity-boosting foods. The online search has taken a U-turn from best restaurants in the city to best immunity-boosting foods available in the market. And while there are a string of options available to help grow immunity in our body, the best of the lot can be found inside or homes. One such immunity-boosting herb is Neem.

While neem holds immense importance for its medicinal properties, it is still a little less favoured food ingredient due to its bitter flavour. Even though we’ve been told by our parents and grandparents to chew a neem leave every day, but its bitter flavour always holds us back. But what if you could make a sweet and flavourful chutney out of its leaves?

Neem chutney is an excellent way to add neem to our regular diet without the bitterness! it is a super easy and quick recipe with neem leaves grounded with jaggery, kokum, cumin and salt. The jaggery and cumin used in the chutney helps diminishing the bitter taste of neem and makes it a flavourful treat that you can pair with multiple dishes including rice, roti or paratha!

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Benefits of Neem Leaves:

Neem is one herb that is available across most homes, and comes with multiple wonderful health benefits. Neem leaves not only help manage blood sugar levels but also help in healing wounds, treat irritation, tiredness or redness of eyes, and most importantly, boost overall immunity. Neem leaves are rich in antimicrobial, antiviral and antioxidant properties that prevent the damage caused by free radicals. They bring down the risk of many diseases ranging from common flu to cancer or heart disease. The neem chutney recipe is the perfect way to include neem in your diet, especially to boost the immunity. Simply ground a batch of chutney, store in a jar and relish with every meal.

Find the recipe of neem chutney here, try at home and let us know your experience in the comments section below.

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