• Sindhi cuisine boasts of some of the most iconic dishes from India
  • It is poular for amazing food combinations
  • Here is a quick and easy Sindhi seyal chicken you can make at home

A collection of various regional dishes makes up for Indian cuisine that the world simply loves to devour. One such popular Indian regional cuisines is Sindhi cuisine. The cuisine boasts of many such dishes that are sure to make us drool. Be it the popular Sindhi Kadhi or the wholesome Saibhaji, the food combinations in Sindhi cuisine has a lot to offer. No wonder it is known for its unique flavours and use of ingredients. As per many food experts, Sindhis are known to make full use of every ingredient they can find.

One such example is of lotus plant. Sindhis often use every part of the plant. From flower to stem, to bud and pods to even the seeds, one can find the use of all these across Sindhi dishes. Besides this, Sindhis are known to use an abundance of vegetables in their food such as ridge-gourd and carrots. The combination of ingredients in Sindhi cuisine is worth a separate conversation altogether!

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fc5bf0f8Sindhi Kadhi is one of the most popular dishes from the cuisine.

For instance, this quick and easy Sindhi chicken recipe is a perfect example of how Sindhis use a myriad of spices with tomatoes, potatoes and boneless chicken to make this gastronomical bliss! Sindhi Seyal Chicken is a stew-like curry that goes best with some basmati rice. In this recipe, all the ingredients are marinated with boneless chicken and yogurt. The marinated ingredients after an hour are stirred with cooked onions and tomatoes along with some water on low flame. A super quick chicken curry recipe, this tastes even better when rested for a few hours before serving!

You can add more spices and herbs to this dish such as cilantro, coriander leaves, black pepper and more!

Find the full recipe here. Serve with cooked rice for a wholesome meal.

Try it at home and share your experience with us in the comments section below.

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