• Parsi food is one of a kind
  • Lagan nu custard is a famous Parsi dessert that is served at weddings
  • It is fairly easy to make the Parsi custard at home

There’s something about Parsi food that is so unique yet so familiar and comforting. The word ‘Parsi’ refers to the community of people whose ancestors left Persia to find refuge in India. There may not be many Parsis left in India today, but there would be very few people who haven’t tried even a single Parsi dish till date. Dhansaak, Chicken Farcha, Patra ni Machhi, we can list a multitude of Parsi delicacies and get you drooling in an instant. However, amid the robust mains, we must not steer away from the delicious Parsi desserts that are also one of a kind. Lagan nu custard is one such sweet treat that we can dig into at any point of time. It is dainty and decadent at the same time. ‘Lagan’ in Parsi means a wedding. As you must have figured, this custard is prepared lavishly during Parsi weddings. Since weddings are an auspicious affair, something sweet is mandatory to make it memorable for everybody. You can also find lagan nu custard in many Parsi Navroz or New Year feast.

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Coming to the preparation, this wobbly custard is made with simple and easily available nutrients like milk, eggs, butter and nuts. It is a baked dessert and can be consumed both hot and cold. It takes a wee bit time to set, and we understand how that can put your patience to test. But trust us, the wait is worth it all.

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You also have to be very sure of the quantities and consistency while working on the custard. Starting out with milk that needs to be heated with sugar, it should be heated until it is half its quantity. Let it cool, after mixing all the nuts and spices. Mix the cream into the milk and beat the mixture into the beaten eggs. This would give you a thick consistency batter. Transfer in a baking dish, take it out and let it cool until set. You can also add more nuts on the top before chilling it

Here’s the full recipe of lagan nu custard.

Do try it at home and let us know how you liked it in the comments section below!

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