From crunchy pakodas to decadent halwa, moong dal is inarguably one gem of an ingredient.


  • Moong dal is a staple across Indian kitchens
  • Also known as split yellow beans, moong dal is a powerhouse of protein
  • Quick, easy and conforting, you can make moong dal in a microwave too

Don’t we all have those days when we simply want to indulge in a light, hearty and soothing bowl of piping hot lentil (dal) instead of a robust, heavy meal? Dal has been a quintessential part of Indian cuisine, so much so that a typical lunch meal in an Indian home is incomplete without a bowlful of dal. Moong dal, in particular, is one of the most popular options across the country for its sheer versatility. From crunchy pakodas to decadent halwa, moong dal is inarguably one gem of an ingredient you can find in your kitchen pantry to cook anything and everything.

Light, quick and easy to cook, moong dal is surely a one-pot wholesome meal for a combination of healthy and tasty. Not only is it quick and easy but comes brimming with health benefits! An incredible source of plant-based protein, 100 grams of moong dal contains 24 grams of protein, according to the USDA. It helps induce the feeling of satiety so once you feel full you are much less likely to feel the urge to binge again; therefore, promoting weight loss. While it is easy to cook moong dal at home, did you know that you could cook it in a microwave too under 30 minutes?

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Microwave cooking has slowly gained momentum around the world for being one of the simplest ways to cook practically any dish, with a little bit of attention and care. No wonder home chefs and amateur cooks, both swear by microwave! From simplest of dals to heavy Indian curries, microwave can possibly make cooking any dish a tad bit easier. This moong dal recipe made in a microwave can be a boon for those who are new to cooking and also for those pressed with time in the morning!

This recipe of sookhi moong ki dal is made with all the usual ingredients, including the spices such as turmeric, cumin, asafoetida, coriander and chilli, added one by one at regular intervals and cooked with blanched moong dal.

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You would need to soak the dal a day before, that’s only part which requires time, rest of the process would take just about 20-25 minutes!

Find the full recipe of Microwave Sookhi Moong Dal here.

Try it for lunch over the weekend and share your experience with us in the comments section below.

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