These veg parcels are quite like the one you find in your favourite restaurants


  • Monsoons are here in full swing
  • Fried snacks relished a lot in monsoons
  • These pizza parcels are not fried, yet a super delicious alternative

We don’t know about you but the moment we see the weather getting any better, we just want to dig into something fried, crispy and cheesy. And if a snack is all these things, we declare it as our favourite already! After much experimenting and raiding the internet for new and fun recipes, we did chance upon something that may have just become our go-to monsoon snack. It is easy, loaded with all our favourite ingredients and so yummy that it is bound to strike a chord with both kids and adults, alike.

These veg parcels are quite like the one you find in your favourite restaurants. They are basically like pastries tucked together like a flower, comprising a creamy filling of sauce, paneer and bellpeppers. These are made with whole wheat, hence have a tad healthy edge to it as well.

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The recipe was posted on ‘Cook With Parul’ YouTube Channel. This veg parcel recipe by food vlogger Parul is ideal for days you want that something extra with your evening tea. These parcels are not fried either. They are made in a pan, with an interesting steaming technique. You can be as creative with the fillings as you want (Think: cheese, corns) but make sure you do not overload your parcels for they can break.

Here is the full recipe of pizza parcels:

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Try it at home and let us know how you liked it!

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