Indian Cooking Tips: How To Make Mughlai Chicken Pulao At Home

This Mughlai pulao recipe spells indulgence


  • Pulao is a rice-based dish
  • Mughlai chicken pulao is a treat for chicken lovers
  • This pulao comprises goodness of nuts too!

Let’s admit it, the moment you hear the prefix ‘Mughlai’ attached before any meal, you are expecting it to be all things royal and indulgent. The Mughal era was renowned for delectable dishes, a slew of which still find place in our ‘lavish’ feasts. We have also heard legends where many eateries would simply call a dish ‘Mughlai’, even though it had no real place in the real Mughlai culinary history, just because it will draw lot of customers. In this peculiar time, where a lot of us are craving to go out and dine at our favourite restaurants, one of the most fascinating developments has been that of people’s new found interest for cooking. You can keep a foodie away from their favourite restaurant, you cannot keep him/her away from her favourite dishes, right? So if you are done with your boring spread, here’s a Mughlai pulao recipe that will surely lend a tinge of rich decadence to it.

Watch Recipe Video Of Mughlai Pulao:

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This Mughlai pulao recipe posted on NDTV Food’s YouTube channel is a treat for all chicken lovers. Packing the goodness of bold spices and several nuts and dry fruits such as cashews, pistachios and raisins, this chicken pulao spells indulgence. You can pair it with raita and tuck into it without any accompaniments-either way, you are going to enjoy it thoroughly!
Try this at home and let us know how you liked it.

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