There is something that makes mutton incomparable with other kinds of meat; perhaps this is why it is tough to please mutton fans in general. You cannot just serve them any mutton preparation — it better be good in terms of everything, texture and juiciness to flavour. Indians are especially big fans of mutton, and the many legendary mutton preparations are proof. From laal maas to kosha mangsho to mutton biryani, there is really no dearth of enticing mutton delicacies in this country, and you can safely add this mutton bhuna masala to the list as well.

‘Bhuna’ in Hindi refers to roasted. The spice used in this mouth-watering treat are roasted very well until they get that smoky flavour. Then, they are tossed well with the mutton chunks, giving an uplifting flavour and aroma to the dish.

It is very easy to make mutton bhuna masala at home. Watch the recipe video of Mutton Bhuna Masala here:

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To make it at home, all you need are a handful of your regular spices and some vegetables like chopped tomatoes, grated raw papaya (helps tenderise the meat), fried onions and green chillies. Among spices, you would require, cinnamon stick, bay leaf, red chilli powder, turmeric, cumin seeds, cloves, cardamoms, nutmeg powder and some ginger galic-paste, salt, curd and ghee.

The recipe used boneless mutton, but you can use mutton with bones as well.

Pair it with naan, rotior steaming hot rice and enjoy!

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