Kofta made with mutton makes for a distinguished dish that can make any meal a special one.


  • Mutton curries enjoy a separate fan base
  • Mutton kofta isi a popular dish across India
  • Here is a simple mutton kofta recipe that you can try at home

A meat lover can never be disappointed with Indian cuisine. The sheer variety of lamb or mutton dishes, inspired by Mughlai cuisine, makes one crave more. From mutton korma and classic mutton curry to cutlets and kebabs, don’t we simply want to devour it all at once right now? The popularity of mutton curries is immense, thanks to the rich and flavourful gravies and juicy meat cooked together in an aromatic dish. No wonder every restaurant has a huge variety of mutton curries that we can choose from!

Most often, mutton curries are slow cooked for the flavour to sit well, and thus, are reserved for special occasions and festivals such as Eid. And while they might look difficult and time-consuming, with some practice and precision, one can cook delicious mutton curries at home. One of the most popular of these dishes is the mutton kofta curry.

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Koftas are a part of Mughlai cuisine of the Indian subcontinent, borrowed largely from Persian cuisine but you can also see koftas or meatballs in Central Asian and Middle-Eastern cuisines as meatballs. While Indian cuisine has a wide variety of koftas, from Bengal’s popular Kanchkolar Kofta or north India’s Malai kofta, Nargisi kofta, the classic mutton kofta is simply irresistible.

We have a delightful mutton kofta recipe, Hokh Hund Mutton Kofte that one can make for a feast for dinner at home. The recipe uses a host of spices and herbs, including sun dried leaves, cardamom, kasturi methi, deggi mirch and saunf powder, cooked with boiled and deep-fried lamb balls. A simple recipe that can be star at your next dinner table! Simply serve with a naan or roomali roti and savour a royal treat.

Find the recipe of Hokh Hund Mutton Kofte here. You can try it at home on the occasion of Eid.

Try it at home and let us know the experience in the comments section below.

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