A blend of rice and lentils, khichdi has been the staple for Indians for many eras now.


  • Khichdi is one of the most comforting Indian meals
  • It is light on the tummy, easy to cook and simply delicious
  • Here is a khichdi recipe packed with the goodness of sabudana and kesar

Think of a comforting Indian meal and the first thing that comes to our mind is Khichdi. The one-pot dish is undoubtedly one of the most popular wholesome Indian meals. Made with a satiating combination of rice and lentils, khichdi is one dish we need when we come back home after an exhaustive day at work; or simply when we aren’t feeling too well and need something wholesome yet delicious! And why not, khichdi is light on the tummy, easy to cook and replete with health benefits.

Khichdi comes in countless variations too. Even though protein-rich moong dal khichdi is one of the most common dishes, one can spruce up a plate of khichdi with vegetables, different lentils, millets and more too! While you might think of just rice and lentils while cooking khichdi, here we have a healthier alternative to rice – sabudana. Sago (or sabudana) is a versatile ingredient that can be used to cook everything, from kebabs and tikkis to khichdi, and be disappointed with none of them. In fact, you’ll go back to cooking with it even more. Tiny translucent droplet-like balls that are extracted from tapioca roots, sabudana is most often used in India to cook meals during the fasting period.

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Kesari sabudana khichdi comes with the goodness of sabudana along with saffron, wherein cleaned and soaked sabudana is combined with sugar, salt, crushed roasted peanuts and lemon juice. It is cooked in a pool of spices such as cumin seeds, curry leaves, ginger, chopped chilies and potatoes until they turn a little translucent and well coated. Saffron is added in the end, giving it a beautiful colour.

Kesar (or saffron) is itself a wonder spice that comes with countless health benefits. Besides being effective in treating cold, many studies have also suggested that it protects against cancer due to its water soluble carotene called crocin, which is responsible for much of saffron’s golden colour.

Find the recipe of Kesari Sabudana Khichdi here,

Kesari sabudana khichdi is a heart-warming dish to prepare at home for a light, wholesome yet delicious meal. Try at home and let us know your experience in the comments section below.

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