Travelling around the world has been much simpler in this age with the help of A380s and the monorails. Barriers of communication, traditions, cultures, ethnicity and a lot of those borders that had been stereotyped to several tribes and people have been seen to disappear with the passage of time. We now enjoy the diversity in the thinking, the lifestyles and one aspect that we really adore is the increasing taste and variety in food.

Long before the advent of innovation we did not think beyond baked bread, sausages and vine but now things have changed with advancement in time. We enjoy several cuisines like, Italian, Chinese and yes the Japanese. Like always the Japanese have made sure that they take their products and make an identity of its own. Their efforts have not been feeble even in the farms they have put up especially to add to their produce of the world famous Kobe beef.

Kobe beef as in Japanese is the name given to the meat produced by breeding a black range of Wagyu cattle especially in Tajima according to some of the most strict traditions and practices of their own ancestors that have been preserved to give the same quality to date. Kobe beef is also referred to as Kobe niku (niku meaning meat) that comes from the Kobe cows. Kobe beef is the world famous Japanese beef, known to make some of the finest Kobe steaks, patties and burgers and ground hamburgers.

Kobe beef can be easily distinguished among any other types of meat or beef due their wonderful flavor, soft and tender feeling, and a really thin fat covering that gives it a marble like texture. This variety of meat is available in most well reputed marts and shops as it is a bit costly compared to the local meat that we have access to. The only reason adding to such high prices is that it is extracted from some of the world’s finest breeds of cattle that are raised like kings and fed with delicacies. The expenses that add up to the cost of the Kobe beef include proper dietary food and beer so as to stimulate the appetite of the Wagyu cattle of Tajima. And other expenditure includes the services in keeping them physically fit and active by giving daily massages which help in relieving muscle stiffness and therefore seem to be the major reasons for such tender meat.

The original Kobe beef is said to have some quality standards which the Japanese cattle breeders have to fulfill. Some of them are as follows:

» The cattle should be born in Tajima, Hyogo Prefecture only

» Be fed by the same farms from where they originate

» The beef should be of a virgin or bullocks to ensure purity

» Processed in slaughter houses in Hyogo Prefecture only

» The BMS (marble texture) ratio is to be at least level 6

» Meat should of high quality cattle weighing less than 470 kg

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