Over consumption of alcohol may increase risk of catching pneumonia.

The long-drawn-out lockdown could be a bit harsh on all of us, but is also necessary to protect us from Coronavirus. It might not be easy for people to cope up with the restriction of stepping out of their homes. With lives changing to drastically, some may resort to drinking alcohol to calm their senses when they are flagging during this difficult time. However, a recently conducted study suggests that overindulgence in alcohol may have a negative impact on your health by weakening your immunity system. 

Having a strong immunity is of utmost importance to ward off the virus of Covid-19. It is said to be the only line of defence internally at the moment. Excessive drinking of alcohol while staying at home during lockdown may lower down your immunity, according to the experts, as reported on ANI.

As per The Mayo Clinic’s findings, over-consumption of alcohol may make it difficult for the body to resist diseases. The report also states that excessive drinking may increase the risk of catching pneumonia, which is now a common illness developed among the people who suffer from severe symptoms due to COVID-19.

The researchers found that a reduction in the white blood cells after alcohol consumption that help build immunity. They also saw an increase in proteins that reduce the immune system’s effectiveness. 
Dr Shannon Sovndal, an ER doctor and author of ‘Fragile’ was quoted by Fox News, “People drink because it mellows them. Well, alcohol has a similar effect on the immune system, making it slow and lethargic.” He added that consuming one drink a day, or light drinking, is likely to have a minimal effect only. 

An earlier report by Fox News said that the immune system may see a brief boost for about 20 minutes after “peak intoxication.” However, the boost level comes down after 2 to 5 hours pulling down our immunity level. 

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