These noodle wrapped paneer rolls are sure to impress kids and adults alike.


  • Paneer is a versatile food that you can use across culinary experiments
  • It is a perfect ingredient for a snacks platter
  • Here is a paneer roll recipe that you would love to try at home

Who doesn’t like to indulge in those greasy, lip-smacking fried goodness? Well, we love them too! Be it at a party or after a long day at work, a plate full of fried, crunchy rolls or cutlets can make our taste buds flutter with joy! While all the paneer rolls, patties, cutlets and pakodas are some of the most popular Indian snacks of all times, a little experiment with highly versatile paneer can result in some amazing fusion dishes that you would love to gorge on as well.

Did you know that you could combine paneer with everyone’s favourite noodles? Yes, you read that right! And no we aren’t talking about stuffing paneer and noodles together in a pakoda or samosa but instead rolling cottage cheese with it along with mouth-watering spices! Aren’t you slurping with the very thought of marinated paneer wrapped around cooked noodles and deep-fried to crispy crunchy goodness? It is an extremely simple recipe perfect for kid’s birthday party or a delicious appetiser when you have guests at home, and also during those rainy evenings to go with your piping hot cup of chai!

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In this recipe, all you need is some paneer chunks, cut into long pieces. You simply need to marinate paneer in a pool of spices including red chilli, ginger-garlic, chat masala, ketchup, soya sauce and corn flour, for about 20 minutes. Meanwhile cook the noodles, wrap it around marinated paneer and deep-fry! Serve it hot with some mint chutney or tomato ketchup.

Find the full recipe of paneer thread rolls here.

You can also air-fry the paneer thread rolls instead of deep-frying in oil or ghee.

A scrumptious snack for all occasions, try it at home over the weekend and share your experience with us in the comments section below.

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