It’s impossible to think of Italian food without a warm plate of pasta.


  • There is nothing like the comfort of digging into a bowl of pasta
  • This simple dish of pasta offers a lot of room for creativity
  • Here are some interesting pasta recipes for when you are craving some

A comforting bowl of pasta in your favourite sauce at the end of the day can make those hard days worthwhile. Think of a creamy sauce tossed with penne pasta along with crispy vegetables or meat and oodles of cheese. Aren’t you slurping already? Pasta is indeed a comfort food for many because of how versatile it is when comes to cooking. Pasta comes in all shapes and sizes, from penne to spaghetti and from fusilli to ravioli, and can be cooked in multiple sauces.

Amid the lockdown, when everyone is searching for their favourite food recipes to try at home, why don’t you try something new and interesting besides the usual comforting bowl of your favourite pasta? There is a whole lot of interesting things you can do with pasta besides arrabiata, alfredo, carbonara, bolognaise or lasagne!

Here we have 5 of the most interesting pasta dishes that you must try at home for a whole new experience with your favourite food.

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5 Interesting Pasta Recipes To Try At Home During Lockdown:

1. Goda Masala Pasta

Goda masala is a popular coconut-based Maharashtrian blend of spices. Goda translated to sweet in Marathi and refers to the sweet essence one can find in the masala. This pasta recipe has linguine sautéed with chicken, freshly made goda masala sauce, garlic, onion and cream to an aromatic, rich and delicious bowl of pasta! Find the recipe here.


2. Pasta Torta

Got some leftover pasta along with a loaf of bread? Simply mix the two and have the best of both worlds! All you have to do is take a slice of bread, spread some leftover pasta on it along with some cheese and herbs. Place another slice of bread on top of it and grill to perfection. Voila! Enjoy a yummy, homemade pasta sandwich! Find the recipe here.

3. Chicken Caesar Pasta Salad

The all-time favourite caesar salad gets all the more wholesome and flavourful with penne pasta chicken slices, mayonnaise and parmesan shavings on top! A nutritious, delicous and wholesome bowl of chicken Caesar pasta salad is perfect for lunch or dinner too. Find the recipe here.

4. Idli Pasta

Soft and spongy idlis are what each of us loves to nosh on. This idli pasta recipe is a stellar one, made without any pasta yet has amazing flavours of soy sauce and pasta sauce that are mixed along with vinegar to leftover idli pieces. Try this dish at home next time in your evening snacks and surprise your family with a tempting dish. Find the recipe here.


5. Pink Vodka Pasta

You’ve had the red sauce in arrabbiata and white sauce in alfredo but have you had the pink sauce pasta which combines both? Sounds interesting, isn’t it? Pink vodka pasta brings together tomato puree, cream, cheese and a hint of vodka together in this yummy dish. It can be a perfect addition to your next dinner menu as well. You can leave the vodka out if you do not prefer it. Find the recipe here.

Try these interesting pasta recipes at home for your ext feast and let us know your experience in the comments section below.

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