This Crispy Baby Corn Pakoda Will Liven Up Your Evening Tea (Recipe Inside)

Baby Corn Pakodas liven up your tea time like nothing else.


  • Baby corn pakodas make for a delightful appetiser
  • This recipe uses a batter made of maida and besan both
  • There is a special masala paste that gives a spicy edge to the baby corn

The struggle to find new and innovative dishes is quite real. People who cook are often on the lookout for recipes to try which are easy to make and delicious to taste, apart from being different from the usual Indian fare. The search for the perfect recipe ends here! You need to look no further for the ideal evening snack as Baby corn Pakoda is just what is needed to perk up your tea-time. Light, crispy and toothsome – these baby corn pakodas make for a great appetiser and leave the taste buds wanting more.

Baby corn is one underrated vegetable and not found often in Indian dishes – since it cannot be eaten raw, and needs to be boiled or blanched prior to cooking. But once the vegetable is boiled and ready to cook, the possibilities are endless! The best thing about cooking with baby corn is that it is comes packed with nutrients such as folate, caretonoids and Vitamin C. It is also low in carbohydrates and has generous amounts of fibre, making it a fulfilling and satiating vegetable in itself.

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Coming to the baby corn pakoda recipe, the ingredients are quite standard and easily available in the Indian kitchen. Baby corn is blanched in water and salt for about three minutes, after which the hot water is drained. The batter used to fry the baby corn in this recipe uses a combination of maida and besan for optimum results. Spices and soda water are added to the batter too for best results.

If you are worried about the baby corn tasting bland, fret no more as there is a special masala paste used to give the vegetable an additional tangy zing. The baby corn is immersed in the masala, and then deep fried and served with ketchup or mint chutney which can also be a great pairing. Try this snack today at home and your family will surely ask for another serving of the baby corn pakoda!

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