Lockdown Relief For Bengal's Sweet Lovers: State Govt. Allows Sweet Shops To Open For 4 Hours A Day

Sweets are an essential part of Bengali cuisine.


  • Bengali sweets are popular cross the country.
  • Bengal govt. has allowed sweet shops to open for few hours a day.
  • The shops are to operate with minimum number of staff members.

The love affair between Bengalis and Bengali sweets is well-known. The ongoing lockdown due to Coronavirus scare has left everyone bereft of some of their favourite foods that they used to buy from outside. But, people of Bengal can now breathe a sigh of relief as they are no more deprived of the regional sweets that are an essential part of their cuisine. In a new declaration by the government of Bengal, local sweet shops will now be allowed to open for fours every day during the period of lockdown.

The government also laid out some protocols to be followed by Bengali sweet shops to avoid compromising the safety of sweets sellers and buyers. First, the sweet shops will remain open strictly from Noon to 4:00 PM, and only for take away of packed items. Measures are also being taken to avoid crowding in these shops. These sweet shops are ordered to function with the minimum number of staff members.

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Isn’t it a great news for all the sweet lovers in Bengal? We are already craving for all the delicious Bengali sweets that we love. If you too desperately want to eat some but Bengali sweet shops are shut in your city at the moment, don’t lose heart. Here are some easy recipes of Bengali sweets you can try making at home –

7 Bengali Sweets Recipes You Can Try At Home During Lockdown:

Mishti Doi






Chenna murki

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