Lockdown Snack: Feeling Like Munching Something? Make Nachos And Dip At Home With This Easy Recipe Duo

Name the food items you are missing due to this lockdown situation? Surely the list will be too long to discuss! Every one of us are missing going out and having our favourite fast foods, be it chocolate or ice-cream, or even a small packet of chips. Although a few things like chocolates and chips are available in the grocery stores nearby, but people are avoiding stepping out of houses due to Coronavirus threats. What comes as a solution to this is making your favourite food items at home (as much possible)! In the current situation, food is working as a major entertainer for most of the people; hence, they are seen trying hands on making various food items – from paani puris to momos to rasgulla.

Adding on to this list, here we bring you the recipes for making nachos and an instant dip. Nacho is a Tex-Mex food item, which is basically a heated tortilla chips eaten with various dips or melted cheese or different other ingredients.

Nachos and dip combo is a popular snack choice for many. Nachos, which we get in shops, are generally made with corn. But in this lockdown situation, getting corn kernels is not an easy job!

But fret not! Here we share a nacho recipe video that does not need corn for preparation. The video is shared by vlogger Parul, on her YouTube channel ‘Cook With Parul’. She also shared an easy recipe for making an instant dip to complement the nachos. Try this recipe duo at home when you feel like munching some crisps!

Watch: Here’s The Recipe Video For Nachos and Dip:

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