The fame of Indian cuisine on the global platform of gastronomy needs no separate introduction. What makes the country’s food culture stand out in the lot are the rich and diversified regional cuisines! Every state has something new and unique to offer; and one such state that needs special mention is Bengal. Bengal’s love affair with food is no secret to the world. It culinary history goes back more than a thousand years. A confluence of culinary styles of East Bengal (now Bangladesh) and West Bengal, Bengali cuisine is known for an elaborated spread of vegetarian and non-vegetarian dishes.

Although people majorly think that Bengali cuisine is dominated by macher jhol and bhaat (fish curry and rice), trust us, it has much more to offer! And one such example is Bengali’s famous labra– a traditional mixed veg sabzi made with variety of seasonal vegetables. Traditionally, this dish is an integral part of the bhog (food offered during Pujas) culture of the Bengalis.

How To Make Labra | Labra Recipe:

It is a healthy mix of vegetables like potato, radish, cauliflower, pumpkin etc. You can actually select any vegetable of your choice to prepare labra, sans bitter gourd, onion and garlic. But what elevates the flavour of the dish the use of paanch phoron– a five-spice mix of mustard seeds, fennel, cumin, nigella (kalonji) and fenugreek. This dish tastes mildly sweet and is quite mushy in texture.

If you explore, you will find different ways of preparing labra. It is rather said that the recipe of this dish is passed on in the family generation after generation. However we bring you a simple labra recipe, which can be cooked in half an hour.

Click here for the recipe of labra (Bengali-style mixed veg).

To enhance the taste of labra, you can add some chopped or grated coconut to the dish.

Labra is best enjoyed with khichdi and papad; but you can also include it in your daily diet, as a side dish to roti or paratha.

Try it at home and let us know how you like it. Enjoy your meal!

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