This sweet paratha is the perfect way to satiate your sugar cravings.


  • We are well into the holy month of Ramadan
  • Iftar is an important part of Ramadan
  • Here is a sweet paratha recipe you can include in the iftar meal at home

We are in the middle of the holy month of Ramadan and we can’t stop thinking of all the delicious delicacies that the iftar offers at the end of the day. Ramadan is a month-long Muslim festival that began from 23rd April, 2020, and will conclude on 23rd May, 2020. Muslims observe fasts every day from dawn to dusk, abstaining from food and drinks. The fast is broken after sunset with a special prayer and a delicious feast thereafter, called iftar. It includes countless mouth-watering delicacies made with mutton, chicken and decadent sweet treats!

Amid a range of curries, biryanis and sweets, breads might not get as much attention as they truly deserve. A range of chapatis and parathas lose out to the rich gravies and kebabs just because they are merely seen as accompaniments. But we’ve got a stellar paratha recipe that can be a classic standalone dish at your iftar feats and can also be the star of the evening. Khoya Khurchan paratha is an irresistibly delicious bread one can make at home. Made with whole wheat flour, kneaded into a soft dough with salt, it is divided and stuffed with a sweet mixture of grated khoya, saffron strands, sugar, cardamom and kewda water. The mix is rolled and cooked into parathas, and served piping hot!

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‘Khurchan’ basically means the scraped-off of something of the pan or a wok after cooking. The stuffing in this paratha is made from khoya, which is basically made from the khurchan of milk when it is heated on low flame. This paratha recipe isn’t the regular savoury paratha but a sweet and salty one that can be a real star on your dinner menu at home. The presence of saffron or kesar along with kewra water brings a subtle taste and aroma to the paratha.

Find the recipe of khoya khurchan paratha here.

Try it at home and let us know your experience in the comments section below.

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