Make bun maska Mumbai-style at home.


  • Bun maska is an age-old comfort meal in Mumbai.
  • It is easy to make at home and will go well with your evening tea.
  • Make this bun maska in all of 10 mins with this recipe.

If you live in Mumbai or have ever been to Mumbai, there’s no way you could have missed this dish. Bun maska, invented by the popular Irani cafes in Mumbai, is one of the favourites with Mumbaikers to have with their hot cup of tea. Its specialty lies in its simplicity. Maska bun-chai routine is almost a ritual there, especially in the scores of cafes and bakeries swarming the city. The right way of eating bun maska is by dipping it in tea and biting the dipped portion, followed by a sip of tea. The contrasting flavours of sweet tea, salty butter, luscious cream, and grainy bread fills your mouth with a flood of deliciousness making your breakfast or evening snacking just perfect.

The age-old bun maska has retained its charm over all these years and still remains a favourite with many people. Now, if you want to savour this comfort food at your home, especially during lockdown, when going out to eat it is not an option, just make it at home. Considering, it’s super easy to make, don’t even think twice before deciding to make it. You can enjoy bun maska for breakfast or during the evening, but don’t forget to pair it with a cup of tea to enjoy it in its elementary form.

The typical ban maska recipe uses soft and fluffy buns. So, make sure to use fresh just-bought buns. Cut each bun into half and smear it with maska. The simple mixture of butter and cream is called maska.

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bun maska

Bun maska goes best with a cup of tea. 

Quick and easy recipe of bun maska –

Ingredients –

2 buns

2 tbsp cream

2 tbsp butter

Method –

Step 1 – Cut the buns into two halves.

Step 2 – Heat a non-stick pan on stove. When it’s warm enough, roast the buns on both the sides. You may use little butter or oil if the bread is sticking to the pan. Alternatively, you can heat up your sandwich maker/toaster and roast the buns in it.

Step 3 – In a bowl, mix butter and cream together and whip to create a smooth paste.

Step 4 – Slather the buns with the maska on both the sides, and enjoy with tea.

You can create your own variations of bun maska. Kids would love it if you add a layer of jam to the buns. Or, you can even sprinkle chilli flakes or chaat masala to make it spicier. But, there’s nothing like the old, simple bun maska recipe that has still not lost its worth.

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