Love Dalgona Coffee? Try Its Strawberry, Chocolate And Red Velvet Variations Too!

Dalgona coffee has given way to some interesting variations.


  • Chocolate and strawberry whipped milk are the new variations on Dalgona
  • The topmost frothy layer is made with chocolate and strawberry powder
  • Take a look at some interesting variations of the Dalgona coffee recipe

If there’s one trend that has shown no signs of stopping with the passing times, it has to be the Dalgona coffee. It began with the South Korean Dalgona toffee and the coffee soon took over social media and how. Coffee-lovers made the switch to this aesthetically pleasing and surprisingly delicious recipe, even amidst claims that the coffee was nothing but a variation on the Indian Phenti hui coffee. Whether or not the story of its origin is cleared up, the Dalgona coffee is here to stay for a long time.

Chefs and food bloggers on social media have taken the Dalgona trend a notch higher by inventing more recipes with it. Dalgona Chia Pudding, whipped Matcha Latte and Mint Coffee are some unique and innovative recipes which have emerged on social media inspired from Dalgona coffee. There are also some interesting recipes for people who avoid caffeine but want to try the Dalgona coffee. Whipped Strawberry and chocolate milk are two recipes which have created buzz on social media. They are made in a similar manner like the Dalgona coffee, the only difference is that the topmost frothy layer is made with strawberry or chocolate syrup instead of using coffee. Take a look:

The strawberry whipped milk was made with strawberry instant powder that is used to flavour milk. The powder was mixed with heavy whipping cream used in desserts to give a frothy texture to the strawberry-flavoured cream. This was topped upon a glass filled with iced cubes and cold milk, to be had chilled and fresh! What a refreshing way to revamp regular milk shakes, right?

The chocolate whipped milk made with chocolate milk powder also looked sinfully good. Check out some more variations of the Dalgona coffee that we found made with chocolate, condensed milk, red velvet or even chocolate spread!

The best thing about the Dalgona coffee recipe is that the possibilities to innovate with it are practically endless. Rest assured, the resulting Dalgona drink or dessert will definitely be one to relish.

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