Make High-Protein Daliya Khichdi For A Nutritious Lunch - Watch Recipe Video

Protein-rich daliya khichdi is a great meal for lunch.


  • Daliya is a light cereal food made from Bulgar wheat
  • Khichdi is a light and healthy meal, perfect for dinner.
  • This protein-rich daliya khichdi is a great fusion meal you must try.

Daliya has been a persistent breakfast meal in Indian households. Also called porridge, the cereal derived from Bulgar wheat is one of the topmost choices for healthy morning meal. Daliya is super rich in proteins and fibre, and low in carbs and calories, making it apt for weight loss diet. If daliya tops the breakfast menu, khichdi wins the race in dinner menu. A simple and light dal and rice combo, khichdi is perfect for those evening when we don’t want to stress our tummy with heavy foods. Moong dal is the best pick to make khichdi. Being apart at a day’s length distance, daliya and khichdi have one common attribute – they both are rich in protein.

Here is a recipe that brings both the nutritious meals of daliya and khichdi together and churns out a high-protein lunch meal for lunch. This fusion dish creates a mashup of daliya, moong dal, rice and also adds other nutritious foods of carrots, beans, cauliflower, peas and onions. Spices like cloves, bay leaves, cinnamon, coriander powder, black pepper among others add a burst of flavours and vibrant colours to the dish.

This one-pot protein-rich daliya khichdi is perfect to get over the mid-day slump. It’s best to be eaten with papad or chutney or salad on the side. However, you can also pair it with your roti or bread.

Watch the recipe video of daliya khichdi here –

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