• Monsoons are here in full swing
  • There are umpteen snacks you can prepare with onions
  • Pyaaz kachori is an ideal monsoon snack

Monsoons are here and how! We don’t know about you, but there is something about the nippy, rainy evenings that intensifies our craving for all things cliched. Yes, you must have guessed it – we are, in fact, talking about a cup of masala chai and pyaaz ke pakode. But to think that’s the best you can get out of onions, you are probably mistaken. Onion’s versatility has inspired chefs around the world to come up with a gamut of snacks and starters. We handpicked some of our favourite onion snacks, have a look at these recipes!

1. Fried Onion Rings

Perhaps the easiest snack on our list. The classic starter recipe is actually quite a cakewalk to make at home. Serve these crispy batter fried onion rings with sour cream dip or mayonnaise.

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2. Pyaz Kachori

Kachoris, much like pakodas, are a monsoon staple we cannot get enough of. This Rajasthani fried pastry is filled with a spicy, melt-in-mouth onion filling. Serve with both imli and pudina chutney and get set for a drool-fest.

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3. Masala Onion Patti Samosa

What is the deal breaker for you when it comes to samosa? For us, it is the filling, which should always be up to the mark in samosas; and if it comes with a tinge of novelty – we are all the more excited. This masala onion patti samosa is a stellar snack you can attempt making at home today!


4. Pyazi Kebabs

The vegetarian kebab made with onion, mint, makkai ka atta, maida, ghee and ginger is a party starter. Tried it yet!


5. Onion Kulcha

Soft and fluffy maida flatbread, stuffed with delectable and spicy onion and cumin filling. There, we saw you slurping! Serve it with pickle or choley ki sabzi for best experience. Don’t forget to serve it hot!


Try these recipes at home and let us know how liked it!

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