Let’s admit it, summer season doesn’t seem complete without indulging in some ripe and sweet mangoes. Be it in the form of juice or dessert or as is, these pulpy fruits are enjoyed by one and all in every possible forms. Speaking about desserts, you will find several popular mango-based recipes around, including mango kulfi, mango kheer, mango ice-cream et al. Adding on to this list, here we bring you the recipe of a classic thai dessert, called mango sticky rice. It is said that in Thailand, this dessert is usually eaten in the peak ‘mango’ season (April and May). Mango sticky rice is easy to make and can be an ideal recipe when you feel like bringing a variation to the usual mango kheer.

Although it originated in Thailand, mango sticky rice is enjoyed throughout South and Southeast Asia. Also called Khao Neow Ma Muang, this traditional summer dessert is made with sticky (glutinous) rice, mangoes, coconut milk salt and sugar or palm sugar. Along with these basic ingredients, many top the dish with legumes (moong dal) or seeds or nuts to add some crunch to the recipe. Some people also replace the normal sticky rice with black sticky rice that gives a beautiful purple colour to the dish.

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To prepare the dish, boil the sticky rice in a rice cooker or pressure cooker; simultaneously prepare the coconut milk sauce by boiling it with salt and sugar. The two are then mixed and allowed to sit till the rice absorbs the coconut milk sauce. Mango sticky rice is then finally served with diced mangoes and some coconut sauce. Alongside the diced mangoes, some people also like making a mango sauce to drizzle on top of the dish. If you want to make a classic mango sticky rice at home, check out this written step-by-step recipe.

Here are a few points you must remember while making mango sticky rice:

  • Always remember, this dish tastes best with glutinous rice (not the normal rice) as it adds texture to the dish.
  • Try not to refrigerate the mango sticky rice (unlike kheer or pudding). When refrigerated, sticky rice turns hard and tasteless.
  • If you buy packed coconut milk, try to use it quickly because it expired quickly. However it is always best to prepare the milk at home. If you don’t know how to prepare coconut milk at home, click here for the recipe.
  • If you do not have coconut milk, you can replace it with condensed milk.

Although mango with sticky rice tastes the best, you can also replace it with other summer fruits like jackfruits and pineapples. On that note, in Thailand mangoes are sometimes replaces with a fruit called durian, which somewhat looks like jackfruit.

What are you waiting for? Prepare this ‘summery’ mango sticky rice at home today and satiate your sweet cravings. Bon appetite!

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