Bamboo tiffins being made in Manipur are a hit on the internet.


  • Plastic and metal are commonly used materials for lunchboxes
  • This lunchbox, however, is completely made from Bamboo
  • A Manipur-based company has started making these eco-friendly tiffins

A durable lunchbox is a must-have in every kitchen, whether it is for the office-going workforce or school-going children. Plastic lunchboxes are what most people end up buying – which are harmful for the environment as they are non-biodegradable. However, a firm based in Manipur has come up with a unique idea to solve this issue. Zogam Bamboo Works based out of Churachandpur city in Manipur has created a tiffin carrier made completely with bamboo. Take a look:

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The video was shared on Twitter by Sudha Ramen, who is an IFS officer. It has been watched almost 80k times on Twitter, and has received over 6k likes on the platform. The viral video was just 35 seconds long and showed the working of the bamboo tiffin, which was quite similar to the steel tiffins we have seen being used in offices since times immemorial. The tiffin had three separate compartments of varying sizes that were stacked atop each other and then sealed with a lid. There were two bars on either side of the bamboo tiffin which held the structure in place.

The neat and nifty bamboo tiffin was a hit with netizens, who couldn’t get enough of its ergonomic design. Many people complimented the makers on this eco-friendly endeavour and helping citizens do their bit for the environment. Reactions poured in to the viral video as Twitterati showered the Manipur company with compliments. Check it out:

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