Rajasthan’s culinary heritage has enthralled foodies and explorers since time immemorial. From the fiery curries and lip-smacking chutneys to the vibrant street food, Rajasthan’s rich gastronomy doesn’t cease to impress. One of our most beloved street food, that is also immensely popular in Rajasthan, is Kachori. From Dal Kachori to Pyaaz Kachori, fried and crispy treats can get us drooling any point of time. But did you know that these savoury snacks have a ‘sweet’ cousin too? Yes, you heard us!

Mawa Kachori is the sweet kachori that defies all stereotypes, one crunchy bite at a time. This sinful sweet treat, as you must have guessed is stuffed with mawa and nuts, and dunked in sugar syrup – it may or may not be laced with nuts and fragrant spices. In addition to Rajasthan, Mawa kachori can be found in sweetmeat shops or Mishthan bhandars across North India such as Harayana and Delhi. You can call these kachoris a version of sweet, puffed pastries too.

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Mawa or Khoya is a dairy product that has its origins in India. It is made by thickening whole milk in a pan. It helps lend a certain richness to any sweet, which is why perhaps a lot of Indian sweetmakers like barfi, gulab jamun and halwa use mawa to make their desserts more indulgent. You can make mawa at home, or purchase it from a local dairy.

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Mawa Kachori can be consumed piping hot or cold – it is a matter of preference actually. When consumed fresh, the sweetmeat is dripping with sugar syrup, as it cools the sugar starts forming a white casing around the kachori. For many, Mawa Kachori is a ceremonial treat, which is distributed in community gatherings, local festivals or temple foods. For some, it is simply that special dessert that’ll make you want to cheat on your diet. Either way, if you have an intense sweet tooth, just like us – you would definitely enjoy this wholesome recipe of Mawa Kachori.

Try this Mawa Kachori recipe at home and let us know how you liked it in the comments section below! 

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