Food delivery of cheaper flight food trays is gaining popularity.


  • Some regular flyers are missing travelling through flights.
  • They are ordering flight food at home though online delivery in the US.
  • These flight food trays are available at cheaper rates.

Cooped up inside our homes for more than a month due to lockdown, we are missing doing so many things that we used to do. Eating out, meeting friends, and travelling too. Some frequent flyers are missing travelling by planes so much that they are ordering flight food trays at home to reminisce and relive the same old flight-like experience. Maybe it’s just another fun pastime or they are truly missing flying, but it’s surely helping a lot of food from going to waste.

Cancelled flights are not the only problem airlines are facing, the stock of airplane food is also a baggage they need to tend to. This would have obviously been thrown away but an online surplus-stock grocery delivery company operating in the West Coast, the Midwest and the Northeast America thought of eliminating food waste, and came up with the idea of selling it to people at less than half the price.

Recently, they sold cheese and snack trays for $2.99 for three ounces of mixed cheeses, dried cherries and crackers, and the buyers were delighted.

Philip Behn, Chief executive of the delivery company told The Washington Post,  “Almost two months ago, before it became a nationwide pandemic, this catering and airplane meal supplier said they saw a decline in economy and business-class seats,” he says. “This was one of our first covid-19 food waste recovery opportunities. We could only take a fraction of what they had.”

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Let’s admit it. Those flight food trays were not something we loved, we had it because that was the only option thousands of feet above the ground in the air. But now that we are not travelling, are we really missing the eating-on-plane experience?

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