Mom Purchases Vending Machine For Kids Binge-Snacking In Lockdown

Fed up of her children snack-bingeing, mother installed a vending machine at home.


  • A mother installed a vending machine at home for her kids
  • The children were relentlessly snacking during lockdown
  • She aimed at reducing usage and teaching them value of money

When it comes to snacking while in lockdown, we are all guilty as charged. Whether it is out of actual hunger pangs, or sheer boredom – we often find ourselves reaching out for that bag of chips or biscuits. After all, how much effort does it really take to go and grab a pack of snacks from our pantry? Sarah Baldson, who is a mother of five residing in Newcastle, United Kingdom, has found a unique solution to her kids snacking habits. She has installed a vending machine at home stocked with all the goodies, and yes, her children indeed have to earn money and pay for their snacks. Take a look at her post on Instagram:

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Sarah Baldson goes by the hilarious username @nobodywantstobabysit on Instagram. She regularly shares adorable pictures from her daily menageries as a mother of five. Talking about her idea of putting a vending machine at home, she wrote on Instagram, “Lets see if they can sneak sweets and treats now! So sick of the arguments about unhealthy snacks (esp with lockdown) so I have bought a vending machine! If they want sweets they can do things (chores, school work etc) to earn money for them. The kids are very excited about this but not as excited as me! @ladbabyofficial we hacked it!!!”

According to a reply on a comment on her Instagram post, she had purchased the vending machine second hand for 100 Euros. The idea behind this interesting proposition was that she was getting sick about snacking and eating too much junk while in lockdown. This will not just make them conscious about the amount of junk they’re eating in a day, but also teach them the value of money.

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