The pleasant nip intensifies our cravings for all fried foods and, of course, the bhutta.


  • It is the season of corns
  • Monsoon is synonymous with fried food cravings
  • There are many things you can prepare with corn

We share a unique love-hate relationship with monsoon. Water-logging, humidity, traffic; there are many reasons why a heavy downpour could be a problem on many occasions. Yet, there is something about the monsoon showers that gets us excited anyway. Monsoons in India are deemed incomplete without some ‘monsoon munching’. The pleasant nip intensifies our cravings for all fried foods and, of course, the bhutta. For the unversed, the season’s favourite bhutta is a snack made with whole corn cob that is roasted on coal and brushed over with some lemon juice and masala.
It is the season of corns, and we are in no mood to miss out on it. If you also identify as a fellow corn lover, these recipes would definitely delight you!

1. Chicken and Corn Soup: Sipping into your cosy cup of soup while hearing the rain clatter on your window pane. Sounds like an ideal evening, right? This chicken and corn soup is one such ideal bet for a pleasant day like these.

corn soup

2. Corn Salad: Vibrant and bursting with flavours this salad is treasure of nutrients. Drizzle over some olive oil and black pepper dressing and you are good to go!


3. Baby Corn Pakoda: How can we not have at least one fried food mention in this list.  These batter-fried baby corns are all things crispy and indulgent. Pair it with any cool dip of your choice.


4. Corn Bhajiya: This is an interesting bhajiya you would find along tourist spots of monsoon-favourite Lonavala and Khandala. Bunch of loose corn kernels, dipped in a corn flour and besan batter and fried until golden crisp. The shape of this unique bhajiya resembles that of a bloomed flour.

5. Sweet Corn Chaat With Peanuts: Some tangy chaat is never a bad idea on a perfectly pleasant day, especially when it is so easy to prepare at home. This lip-smacking recipe packs goodness of sweet corns coated in crispy batter made of maida, crunchy peanuts, chana dal, chopped onion, tomatoes, green chilli and lemon juice.

Try these stellar recipes this monsoon and let us know which ones you liked the best.

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