Try all these stellar ideas at home and make tea-time an affair to look forward to!


  • Bread can be used to make a myriad of snacks
  • Bread snacks are a hit among both kids and adults, alike
  • Tea-time is often incomplete without a round of snacks

A cup of tea could help rejuvenate you at any point of the day, but there’s something special about the cup you like to have in the evening with your family and friends. After a long and exhausting day at work, all you need are these few minutes to unwind. In many parts of India, this special ‘chai-time‘ is often accompanied with a variety of snacks like pakoda, kachori, jalebi. While there are no parameters for a snack to qualify as an ‘evening snack’, we prefer them to be easy to eat (and put together, in case we are making it at home) and super indulgent.

Here are five bread-based snacks that you can make with easily-available ingredients:

1. Bread Cutlet

Crispy outside and spongy inside, bread cutlets have been our go-to snack each time we wanted something quick and scrummy. To cut back on calories, you can try using minimal oil to fry it. You can also play around with traditional ingredients and bring in some of your favourites, for instance, cheese, chillies and capsicum.


2. Bread Chana Basket

 A simple basket made with bread topped with spicy chana filling, does it get more wholesome than that? We guess not!

3. Bombay Toasty

India’s beloved toasty made with bread, potatoes, tomatoes and chutney. Ridiculously easy to make and always a delight to bite into! There, we saw you slurping.

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4. Tadka Bread Snack

Bread chunks doused in onions, tomatoes, chillies and yogurt with a hint of fresh lemon. Like all the snacks on the list, it is also quick to rustle up, and makes for an amazing company to your evening tea.

5. Mushroom Masala Toast

A toothsome masala made with mushroom, tomatoes, red chilly powder and cheese, slathered on top of bed, baked till crisp.

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Try all these stellar ideas at home and make tea-time an affair to look forward to! What else do you like to have with your chai? Do you also experiment with a variety of recipes? Do not forget to write into us! We’d love to hear all your ideas, and your thoughts on all of these recipes.

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