Raw mango is good for digestion owing to its high fibre content.


  • It is the season of mangoes in India and we can’t resist indulging in one
  • Not just ripe mangoes, even raw mangoes have a loyal fan base
  • Here is a raw mango jam recipe that you can try at home

Summers are here and so is the time to indulge in everyone’s favourite, mangoes! The king of fruits is one of the reasons why most of us wait for summer season to arrive. But the ones who love the sour and tangy flavour, raw mango tops the charts during the hot season!¬†Even Kareena Kapoor is a fan of this seasoneal delight! Raw mangoes are firm, aromatic and are the greener version of the ripe and juicy yellow mangoes. Also known as ‘Kachchi Kairi’, raw mangoes are more versatile when it comes to cooking with the seasonal fruit.

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From raw mango chutney to pickles, to Malabar curry and to amchoor powder (used across chaats and Indian dishes), raw mango lends a special summery flavour to all this and much more. Besides the Indian cuisine, raw mango can be found extensively in Thai cuisine too. In lovely vibrant salads, sticky rice and curries, there are countless options to cook with raw mango. Here we have a delightful raw mango jam recipe that one can make at home with handful of ingredients. Move over chutneys and dips, this tantalising jam is perfect to spread over a bread or paratha for a mouth-watering snack to satiate hunger pangs.

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Spicy raw mango jam is prepared simply by mixing raw mango pulp with jaggery, roasted jeera powder and chili powder. The mix is cooked and reduced to half till its thick. The spicy, tangy raw mango jam can be served chilled with any choice of bread.

Raw mango has more than one reason to try this summer. It is popular for its cooling properties and as a home remedy for heat strokes. No wonder it is made into a delicious drink of Aam Panna across most Indian homes. Raw mangoes contain more Vitamin C than the sweet ripe mangoes and can also work wonders for all your tummy woes. So this season besides gorging on the yummy yellow mangoes, soak in the goodness of raw mangoes too!

Find the recipe of raw mango jam here. Try at home and let us know your experience in the comments section below.

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