Move Over Dalgona Coffee, Try And Make Delicious Coffee Cake At Home

Coffee cake is a delightful recipe to try at home for coffee-lovers.


  • Coffee cake makes for a great dessert for coffee-lovers
  • The cake has a delicious mocha buttercream frosting too
  • Watch the full video to know how to make the coffee cake

Dalgona Coffee is a coffee recipe that’s breaking the internet, and not just because it’s delicious but quite easy to make too. All it requires is just coffee, water, sugar and milk plus an interesting way of making the coffee slightly frothy using a method of beating the ingredients together. Several bloggers and internet personalities have come out and said that this method of preparing coffee is actually nothing new as it is an age-old practice of ‘phetoing’ or stirring the coffee mixture repeatedly until its frothy. Whether or not that claim is true is still a question under debate, but meanwhile, we found another delicious coffee recipe that involves a similar process – delicious coffee cake with mocha frosting.

This coffee cake is a sinfully delicious recipe, whether had by its own or combined with your favourite hot or cold beverage. The cake preparation begins by preparing a coffee mix by ‘phetoing’ or beating together coffee and water. This mix is kept aside and later added to the cake dough made with eggs, maida, baking powder, oil and vanilla essence. Once the cake is set and ready to bake, the mocha frosting is prepared by combining butter, cocoa powder, icing sugar and coffee powder to give it a smooth, creamy texture.

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The powdery soft cake combined with the velvety mocha frosting gives rise to flavours like never before. Both the cake and the mocha frosting contain coffee, thus making this recipe perfect for lovers of the beverage. So if the Dalgona coffee trend is something you have tried enough of, try and make this delicious coffee cake at home. We promise, you will not be disappointed!

Watch The Full Video Of Coffee Cake by NDTV Food here:

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