Mumbai man demanded 100 packets of Piri Piri seasoning from McDonald’s.


  • A resident of Mumbai demanded 100 packets of Piri Piri seasoning
  • The seasoning is specially used by McDonald’s to season the fries
  • The fast-food giant actually sent over the order to the man

Many bizarre requests have been heard of during the lockdown in the wake of Coronavirus epidemic. From samosas to biryani and to even a birthday cake – there is no dearth of eccentric wishes coming to the operators of various helplines as well as restaurants too. These are strange demands that stem from food cravings that people have during the lockdown for their favourite cuisines and restaurant-style food. One such request came from from Mikhail J Verma, who is a resident of Mumbai. He is a lover of McDonald’s special Piri Piri fries and he contacted the Mumbai outlet demanding 100 packets of McDonald’s Piri Piri seasoning.

Yes, you heard that right – 100 packets! The man’s love for Piri Piri seasoning could not let him handle staying apart from his favourite flavour of fries. Thus, he made an attempt to stock up on at least the seasoning to use with his food. Mikhail Verma told McDonald’s Mumbai that he now wants to add his favourite seasoning to almost anything he eats.¬†

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In case you’re wondering what the McDonald’s Piri Piri seasoning is made of – it is said to be a delicious mix of the choicest spices. It is made of blended, ground spices like salt, chilli, black pepper, garlic, tamarind, onion, sugar, citric acid and herbs. The spice constitution of the Piri Piri seasoning is thus very similar to what comprises the Indian spice cabinet. The spice is even more enticing due to its coarsely grounded texture which helps it coat better than a finely ground spice would.

As for the man’s bizarre request, he is now enjoying his fresh and plentiful stock of Piri Piri thanks to McDonald’s. We would love to see what recipes he innovates with the seasoning!

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